Membranes for rain water basins

Membranes for rain water basins

Nowadays it is common practice to establish rain-water basins to filter and delay the rainwater before it is infiltrated into the soil. It is often contaminated rainwater flowing into the basin, which makes it necessary to construct an impenetrable basin bottom, so that the groundwater is protected from contamination. In addition, an impenetrable basin secures a permanent water surface, so that the natural purification process can be maintained.

Choose the correct plastic membrane

Contamination can be very different from area to area, so it is necessary to choose the right plastic membrane, which is resistant to the pollutants which are available at the installation site. Millag has extensive expertise in providing guidance in different membrane types and dimensioning and we also have certified fitters who carry out the installation on the site, regardless of the size of the rainwater basins. The rain-water basins can also be adapted and tailored to your requirements and can be integrated into the surroundings, so that it cannot be seen that it is structures.Rain-water basins can also be designed as lakes in the landscape which act as delay pools before the water runs down into the sewers.​

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