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Geomembrane work

Plastic membranes that can solve various tasks, such as membrane isolation of underground drainage basins, radon isolation, rainwater tanks, etc.

We put quality on a piedestal. Therefore, most of Millag's membranes are tested and approved by Dansih Technological Institute, to ensure that they satisfy the requirements of DS/INF 466. It is Millag's own certified installers who carry out the installation, and our welding machines are checked and calibrated annually.

Rainwater basins

To ensure an impenetrable bottom in rainwater basins, plastic membranes are often used. Millag can deliver the right kind of plastic membrane and install them on the site regardless of the size of the construction.

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Isolation of drainage basins

Large amounts of rainwater are often handled with underground delay basins. Millag envelops underground drainage basins in PE membrane.

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